General Troubleshooting

In the event that you can not connect to your PCD-FDE1, please check the following:

1. Make sure power is connected and the power LED isilluminated.
2. Check the Ethernet connection, make sure the RJ-45 connectors are fi rmly seated, and that the Ethernet LED is illuminated / flashing.
3. Check the USB and serial connectors, make sure all connections are tight, check to see that the USB LED is flashing.

If connecting to a CAV6.6, make sure the RS232 switch is set to rear

To upgrade the firmware of the PCD-FDE1, perform the following steps:

1. Slide the switch on the side of the unit to "Upgrade"
2. Press the "Connect" switch on the top of the unit until it begins to flash. (This can take up to 25 seconds) Release the switch once it starts to flash.
3. Wait 120 seconds....a REAL two minutes. Do not power off when "Connect" LED is flashing. You will "brick" the device if you do. You will see all LED's illuminate, then go out briefly. The connect LED will begin to blink, indicating the unit is booting back up.

The USB light will then begin to flash, indicating the unit is working in normal operation. You may now move the slide switch back to Run.
The PCD-FDE1 has a built in Web server, connect using a standard Web browser and the version information will be displayed.

You may access the unit with one of the following two URL's:
1. http:// [IP Address of the PCD-FDE1]
2. http://mcac3.local. (don't forget the dot at the end)

If you use method two, you must have Bonjour installed on your PC. This is installed with Safari Web Browser by default.
Please refer to our Installers manual. The step-by-step instructions are documented in detail.
No, you don't. The PCD-FDE1 can be simply used to as an interface for the MyRussound Application. Make sure you don't have any of your source types configured as DMS-3.1 source types.

Other Questions

The majority of development cost is in the software. The PCD-FDE1 is an extremely complex device and has taken thousands of man hours to complete.The device has gone through an exhaustive test cycle encompassing all combinations of Russound sources, controllers, etc...
Firmware updates, technical support, and bug fixes are also provided free of charge.


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