The PCD-FDE2 is controlled by the MyRussound App®, and works with Android and Apple devices
  • Volume

    Volume and mute controls on the main page

  • Meta Data

    Displays real-time meta data for all Russound sources

  • Real-time updates

    Zone and source information updated in real time

  • Up to 36 zone control

    Control up to 36 simultaneous zones with one PCD-FDE2

  • Audio control

    Adjust bass, treble, loudness, balance, all-on, all-off

  • Party Mode

    Enable-disable party mode, set party mode master


Built-in configuration utility

With a built-in wireless configuration utility, use your phone, wireless device, or laptop to set zone and source names, and source types

  • Local Configuration

    No external cloud servers needed.

  • Firmware Updates

    Online firmware updates can be done with the click of a button

  • Simple Setup

    Works right out of the box. Customize by setting Source and Zone names, and Source types

  • Fast and Responsive

    The PCD-FDE2 has a fast and responsive interface

  • Wireless Capibility

    Enable wiress and connect to your wireless access point

  • Easy Hookup

    Apply power, connect serial and Ethernet cable and you're ready to go


The PCD-FDE2 has all of the features of PCD-FDE1 and more!
Works with the DMS3.1